Chimney Cleaning Service in Kaimur & Rohtash

ServiceTree provides best Chimney cleaning technicians, our Chimney cleaning service costs are very competitive. If you are booking Chimney cleaning service with ServiceTree, you will avail the service on time. We provide excellent customer support to assist you on booking. We also provide Chimney repair & service / installation / uninstallation services. Our chimney technicians clean all brand chimneys, we have two kind cleaning services general cleaning and deep cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning Service in Chennai
  • Charge mentioned for chimney general cleaning only
  • Chimney deep cleaning charges starts at Rs.1399
  • The price mentioned are for chimney cleaning, If want to repair your chimney then additional charges applicable.
  • You could book multiple chimney services like general cleaning / deep cleaning along with installations in single booking
  • Incase not feasible to clean the chimney in your premises, technician take the chimney to service centre and after the cleaning install the chimney.
  • If you shifted your chimney from different site it might not work due to damage during transportation for that we are not responsible, we only provide warranty for our service
  • Our technicians carry necessary tools and lubricants to clean chimneys
  • Our technicians could not bring stools or ladders for chimney cleaning, customer have to provide the same.
  • Technician may come with helper
  • Charges mentioned for per chimney unit
  • We do chimney general cleaning and deep cleaning service in Chennai and suburban areas
  • Based on your chimney’s condition technician may recommend deep cleaning but without your prior permission technicians won’t do additional services.
  • We do both kitchen chimney installation and uninstallation, if you are booking both services, the cost is competitive

Chimney Service Charges in chennai

Chimney serviceCharges
Chimney Uninstallation 399
Chimney Deep Cleaning 1399
Chimney Repair & Service (Per visit Inspection charge) 149
Chimney Uninstallation and Installation 649
Chimney Installation 499
Chimney General Cleaning 499