Washing Machine Repair & Service in Kaimur & Rohtash

When it comes to service your washing machine, you want only the best technician who able service your washing machine model, but even a well experienced washing machine technician could not service all kinds of washing machine models, because they might not have the necessary set of skills to repair the particular washing machine brand or model. In an attempt to fix your washing machine, they might even cause it more damage. This is the reason to book washing machine technician via ServiceTree, based on your washing machine brand and model we will arrange experienced technician to service your washing machine.

We have technicians to service all kinds of washing machines like front-load, top-load, automatic and semi-automatic washing machine models

Washing Machine Repair & Service in Chennai

Common Issues in Washing Machines

  • Washing machine not turning on
  • Water not dispensed
  • Noise while washing
  • More vibration while washing
  • Error showing in washing machine display
  • Water overflow issue
  • Drum not functioning
  • Water leakage issue
  • Buttons/ keyboard not working in washing machine
  • Washing machine not spinning
  • Washing machine not draining properly / completely not draining
  • Continuous beep sound from washer
  • Unable to close the washing machine door
  • Unable to open the washing machine door
  • Washing machine is in dead condition or not working properly

Washing Machine Service Charges in chennai

Washing machine serviceCharges
Semi-Automatic (Per visit Inspection charge) 149
Automatic (Per visit Inspection charge) 149
Front-load (Per visit Inspection charge) 149