Here are some tips that can help you maintain the RO.

Regular Filter Changes

The RO purifier’s filter needs to be replaced approximately every 3 months. The reason is that the impurities from water block the filters after a small period of time. If the water purifier is not frequently cleaned, it’s filtration capacity will be affected. The quality of water also gets affected.

If you keep using the filter and don’t get them replaced, the contaminants are transferred to the water you consume. Since an RO has 3-12 stages of purification, it is necessary to plan the change of filters regularly.

Sediment filter

RO use multiple filters to eliminate contaminants present in water. Sediment filter is one of them. It is required to change the sediment filter at least once in a year. Maintenance of sediment filter helps in removing sediment, dirt and slit. It protects dirt from going to the thin RO membranes.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filter is also need to be changed once in a year. Carbon filter eliminates chlorine and other harmful impurities that affect the performance and life of the RO membrane.

You also need to get the carbon filter replaced once in a year. Carbon filter removes chlorine and other hazardous contaminants that can have an impact on the life and performance of the RO membrane. If the filter is not maintained regularly, the taste and odor of the water also get affected.

RO Membrane Replacement

RO purifiers has a semi-permeable membrane, that lets water to pass through it but eliminates all other impurities. You need to replace the RO membrane in every two or three months for the best performance of RO. However, this schedule totally depends on the water usage of household and the quality of water.

Drips And Leakages

If you notice drips or leakages, always take services from a professional. If you don’t take the corrective action in time, leakages can create a lot of problems. Ask the technician to check the purifier to know the cause of the leakage and save the RO water purifier from damage.

Clean Your RO Tank

Clean the pipes of the RO system on a regular basis to ensure that the purifier functions properly. By sanitizing the RO tank, you can keep the purifier in a good condition. When you replace the filters, sanitize the RO tank to get the best results.

RO Cleaning

Always make sure that you get assistance from a professional to change the filters. It can avoid serious problems with the RO in future.

Ro water purifiers will give best performance only when you properly follow the maintenance tips. ServiceTree provides excellent after-sales services for the convenience of customers.