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RO Water Purifier Uninstallation in Kaimur & Rohtas

The RO water purifier is an important instrument for every household because it gives you 100% safe potable water. If you are going to relocate and want to carry your old water purification system, then you can take services from RO on Rent we provide experienced RO purifier professionals. Uninstallation also needs an expert hand as RO installation does. A Professionals can uninstall your RO unit without damaging any spare part. So, Do you want to know what is the procedure they follow to uninstall an water purifier?

RO Water Purifier Uninstallation in Chennai

RO Uninstallation Procedure

First of all, the professional turns OFF the feed water supply to the R.O unit. Then, technician turns on the RO faucet to drain out all pure water from the tank. When the tank has completely emptied, pulls out the YELLOW line from the tank’s ball valve. After removing the yellow tubing, turns off the water purifier faucet.

Now the expert closes the tank’s ball valve by rotating the blue cap 90 degrees. Then, RO technician sprinkles some chlorine to the apertures of the YELLOW line and the tank valve’s port and Covers both the apertures with plastic food wrap to let the chlorine stay inside. This will save the yellow line as well as the tank valve from contamination. Now RO water purifier technician separates the pure water output CLEAR LINE from stage-5 TCR filter or from the RO faucet. After this technician sprays chlorine to TCR filter’s open port and to the CLEAR line. Then wraps both the openings with plastic food wrap to protect from contamination.

Now RO purifier technician removes the RO’s input water line (RED) and rinse water line (BLACK) from your pipes. Then, Sprays chlorine and wraps both the openings. Now your RO system is fully uninstalled. Then technician disconnects the pure water faucet if you wish to take it with the unit.

If the RO sits idle for almost 1 week, then it’s alright to leave all filters in their housings. There is no need to take them out. The chlorine spray will save the line openings from contamination. However, if the RO sits idle for more than 2 weeks, it is necessary to detach the Pre Filters and Membrane. You can keep them in a zip lock bag and put the filters in the Refrigerator.

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